Doorbell VoIP immediately shows "call ended" when answering if screen is locked

I’m having an issue with the doorbell VoIP feature on the beta app. When someone rings the doorbell I receive a call on my phone as expected, but as soon as I try to answer it, the screen shows “call ended” and it hangs up. This happens whenever the VoIP call comes in and if my screen is locked. If someone rings the bell and my screen is unlocked, I can answer the call normally without any issue.

I have also submitted this issue via the in app support with log ID 377936. I also included a link to a video showing the issue within the logs I submitted.

Android 12
Google Pixel 6
Beta App 2.27.14


Having the same issue.

what firmware are you running on the doorbell itself?

Is this enabled in the “production version”?

Any solution?? I have the same issue. All the firmware is updated and Android is using the latest.

Nothing I’m aware of and I haven’t seen wyze acknowledge it as an issue. I’m still not sure if it’s specifically a Pixel 6 issue or an Android 12 issue.

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