Doorbell V2 not showing in my list of cameras

Is anyone else having an issue seeing their doorbell v2 in their list of cameras on the home page? I’ve added mine three times and as soon as i leave setup i can’t get back to it unless someone rings the doorbell. I ended up adding it to a group just so i could see it live, but have no way to see it on its own. I tried uninstalling the app on android with no success. All phones act the same. The camera is wiring, just can’t get to it without an event.

What actual app version are you using?


Looks like its 2.45.5 (347)

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Updating your Wyze app may help. Latest version is

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I don’t see a way to update. Checked the Google play store and it doesn’t have an option to update. The app doesn’t give me an option, unless I’m just missing it somewhere

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That’s odd that the Play Store doesn’t show a Wyze app update. You are running 2 versions behind. What brand/model phone/tablet are you using and which Android version is loaded?

The current Wyze app version for Android is It’s important that you are running this latest version for complete Doorbell v2 app experience and functionality. You can sideload the Wyze app from a 3rd party mirror site such as APKMirror if you wish. When choosing a package version, make sure you choose the nodpi version:

That’s great! I was able to get the newest Wyze app version using APKMirror. I’m on a Samsung Fold 4 - Android 13, so I have no clue why the newest version isn’t on Google Play.

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