Doorbell v2 Motion Warning resets to "You are being recorded" after a day

I set Motion Warning to None and it resets back to the voice warning after a day. 4 days in a row so far. I end the iPhone app and go back into it after setting it to None, and it shows None. Next day, back to voice warning.

What rules have you created and what are their actions, if any? When you enter the settings for the camera, are you letting your app connect to the live view of the camera then entering settings? I have seen issues in the past where users enter the settings of a camera before a connection is created between the app and the camera and then the settings pages isn’t populated correctly and may indicate something different than what you have set for that camera.

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Thanks for the reply! I have Event Recording set to Motion and Smart Detection Events set to all Smart Motion. No other rules. Yes, I go into the camera and see the live view then settings icon, Detection Settings, Motion Warning - which is still set to None. I set it back to None about 2 hours ago before posting this. I’ll report back tomorrow to see if it resets again.

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Update, checked around 1 hour ago and it had reverted back to the voice on its own. Thanks!