Doorbell Pro livestream cannot connect at my workplace

I have numerous Wyze cameras. V2, V3, Pan Cam as well as a doorbell pro. I have no issues accessing livestream from any of these cameras except for the fact that I cannot connect to my doorbell pro livestream using the Wifi at my workplace (it’s a hospital). I believe somehow the doorbell pro livestream is blocked. My question is, how is the livestream data from the doorbell pro “different” than the livestream from all of the other cameras? And are there any way to get around this problem?

Some details:

  • All Wyze cams connect to my home Wifi router (an eero mesh system). I’ve got fast Wifi. All of the Wyze cams connect via 2.4GHz, whereas the doorbell pro is connecting via 5GHz.
  • I have no trouble accessing livestream from ALL cameras if I turn off WiFi on my phone (Pixel 7 Pro) and use cell data at my hospital. However, when I turn on WiFi on my phone, and I try to connect to my doorbell pro livestream, it does not progress past step 1.
  • All other camera’s livestream is viewable with my work WiFi.
  • I can access ALL livestream on other WiFi networks when I’m away from home.
  • I also cannot access the doorbell pro livestream with my iPad Wyze app if using the hospital WiFi.
  • However, if there are any “events” recorded by my doorbell pro, I can view the events.

This seems really strange to me. Once the camera “stream” data is uploaded to Wyze’s servers, aren’t all the streams the same? No matter what camera it came from? I’m puzzled as to why it ends up being blocked by my hospital’s WiFi?

Does seem a bit odd. A correction. A live stream does not go by way of the Wyze servers. The Wyze servers are used to establish the connection, but the stream itself is direct from your house to your phone.
It would seem odd that the hospital would explicitly block your doorbell cam. More likely the doorbell cam is using a different port that just happens to be used for something else at the hospital. That could be traced if you have some networking knowledge (know how to use WireShark for example), but the IT people at the hospital may or may not be willing to work with you for their part of it.