Doorbell Pro Chime - Hardwire?

I understand that the doorbell can hardwired, but I would like to know if the chime can be hardwired. I have an existing chime with my old doorbell and there is a low voltage source of power, so I would think it should be possible?


Welcome to the user-to-user forum, @bobby13 ! :slight_smile:

On both doorbells the Chimes plug directly into a 120VAC wall outlet. On the Pro it is also the Base to the doorbell, so it is typically positioned halfway between the router and the doorbell in a central location.

So if I were to open it up and mod it so that I could hardwire it, presumably it would be an unsanctioned mod :slight_smile:

When you said “I understand that the doorbell can hardwired”, I thought you meant power. The Chimes are effectively hardwired to power, as they plug into a wall outlet. Did you mean something else?

I do want to hardwire it and not use an outlet. I would like to splice it into a low voltage circuit where my current doorbell and chime are wired. Bottom line it sounds like that is not supported but I’m sure I could figure it out if I needed to.