Doorbell Notification - Timeline Scrub Bar should be added to live view!

When doorbell is pressed, a “Hi, someone is at the door.” notification is pushed to my phone. Clicking on this notification immediately pulls up the live view of the doorbell camera.

If I am busy or tied up, I’m unable to click the notification in time and the person has left or has walked out of view. In these cases accessing the live view from the notification won’t show me who it was. Another scenario is the person who rang the doorbell is still in view, however I want to see motion triggered capture prior to the doorbell button pressed before I respond.

I have to CLOSE this current live view, and then OPEN the Wyze app again to access the doorbell directly to scroll through the Timeline Scrub Bar.

Add the Timeline Scrub Bar feature to the live view accessed via the notification, or change the path destination to the native doorbell live view when the notification is clicked.

Hope my explanation made sense! Let me know if additional details are needed.