Doorbell light and notifications not working


I noticed yesterday that my doorbell light does not light up when I stand in front and phone notification does not appear as well. I tried resetting the doorbell from the app as well as removed all rule notifications within the app - still doesn’t work. Any ideas how I can resolve this?

The doorbell “button” status light should be on at all times, then flash when an event is detected I believe (I covered about 95% of my button with vinyl because I didn’t like that the thing glowed super bright all night long). It should glow blue if connected and yellow if there is an issue. If it’s not on at all, check the power to the doorbell because it may now even be powered. Can you live view from it? Are you getting events? Notifications are triggered from events.


I can live view, but no events or notifications. However, I got a notification when a FedEx guy pressed the doorbell.
Again, no notifications when I or anybody else walks past my doorbell.

Seems to be working now!