Doorbell independent notifications and pop up

I would like to see a separate notification ability for when the doorbell is pushed. The “someone is calling you” gets lost within all of the other notifications. I would like to see the ability to have a window pop up with a live image of the doorbell when pushed, or at least a more obvious notification.


FWIW, this has been a recurring complaint since the start of the beta testing over a year ago. There was a post of future plans and there is something about using the phone’s calling features to make it a separate notification like a phone call. Frankly I don’t know what’s so difficult other than the fact it seems to be contractors rather than in house development. I pointed out that 10 years ago WhatsApp offered setting options for the notification sounds, same as for phone calls or text alert sounds, haven’t used it for a long time, but pretty sure. it’s still in the options so it can’t be blocked or impossible. It appears most of the dev effort has been in the cam plus integrations, improving notification delivery speed and audio problems.

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