Doorbell chime schedule resets itself

Hey the latest firmware update fixed my doorbell! The schedule has stayed where I set it now. Excellent work wyze! My camera have been working great. Thank you.

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Ditto! I can also confirm that the “All Day” setting finally persists.

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I can confirm it DID for a while… but now it’s back to rescheduling itself.

All good for me still. Did you change anything?

Nope. Wife noticed someone at the door, no chime inside. So I checked and found it had rescheduled itself. I’m just done with this thing. It is useless. (Sorry, not venting at you.) I have no faith in Wyze to get this right and keep it right. Shopping for a different brand as we speak.

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Well I definitely understand how it feels to be done with something. All good here unless anyone else CHIMES in :slight_smile:

Well…it was working for a month or so and now it’s broken again! Fix it Wyze.

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Same issue here, About once a month–at least, that’s how long it takes me to notice–the chime I have normally set to All Day changes it’s schedule on it’s own.

When this happens, the settings show All Day unchecked and the Start and Stop time are both set to the same minute which apparently makes the chime never active. The time is always the 24th minute of whatever hour it selects. Today it was set to 10:24, last time it was 9:24 but that was before Daylight Savings Time started. Is this happening because of some scheduled maintenance server side?

I’ve verified that there aren’t any connectivity issues between the doorbell and the chime. The two stay connected and the chime functions even when I plug the chime in as far from the doorbell as my home allows. This most recent time it reset itself, it was plugged into the outlet closest to the doorbell, less than 4 feet away. We even had a power outage at one point and both the doorbell and chime went out, but when everything came back up the chime was still set to All Day as I left it.

What’s going on? When can we expect the doorbell to function as such?