Doorbell camera & keypad combo

I know Wyze is working on both a door keypad as well as a doorbell cam.

My wish would be to have these two products combined into one since a lot of people would like to install both.

Since the doorbell is wired this will also negate needing to have a battery for the keypad.

they are already hard at work on the keypad which is due to be released more than likely in april. being this far along in production sadly it might be a bit late to redesign both the doorbell AND the key pad. if they had been devloped in tandem that might have been a different story. best bet would be to play the keypad and doorbell by ear and see how you like them first. maybe they would be open to redesigns if the current builds have flaws.

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True, but this is something they should consider on their roadmap.

A door lock bundled with a doorbell cam/keypad combination would be a killer product.