Doorbell Camara lags when pressed

I just installed my doorbell and for some odd reason anytime i am veiwing the live stream and someone rings the doorbell it freezes the live stream than does not save the video.
Any help would be nice

Welcome to the forums! Doorbell pro or the original doorbell? I would guess the first one, and how is it powered? What’s the output of the transformer it’s hooked into? Sounds like a lack of power issue.

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Yes, it is the original doorbell and it is powered by wire. Just unwired my old non-smart doorbell and put this one. I have not tested how much power the transformer is giving but is there any way to see how much power it is supposed to give on the box. Also if the transformer gives 25 volts but the doorbell is not getting enough power does that mean I did my wiring wrong? If I messed up the wiring in the chime while I was changing the wires does that have anything to do with the power?

Did you wire in the fuse in the chime box?

The transformer, if you can find it should have it’s power output labeled on the unit. The doorbell itself will have it’s power requirements listed in the back of the doorbell itself. If you had a multimeter to test the power output of the wiring at the doorbell that’s be best.

Not necessarily, could be bad wiring, aging wiring, wired incorrectly, not using the fuse, underpowered transformer, etc. If the bypass at the chime wasn’t done correctly, or not done at all that could create loss of power which would underpower the doorbell