Door sensor battery deactivated

I activated my door sensors, now, I plan not to use it, but, the sensor battery is kept on blinking, anyway I can stop :stop_sign: it and activate again later, thanks.

Do you mean the light on the contact sensor is blinking? Is the contact sensor still on the door or did you take it down? Is the contact sensor light blinking because you are moving a magnet to and from the front of the contact sensor? There is no way to turn it off other than removing the battery.

When i had contact sensors not being used i just kept both pieces (larger with battery and smaller magnet piece) taped together with scotch tape so that they wouldn’t separate until i was ready to use them.

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thanks for your speedy response, I didn’t put on the door yet, cause it was kind far away from the bridge, it didn’t trigger the notification, so, I want to put it away and figure out later, I did put the two pieces together, but, the door sensor light kept blinking, wasting the battery, so, try to find a way to stop it to save the battery.

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The battery’s are supposed to last a long time, dependant on use. So if you have then stashed away in a drawer not being used you should be fine for a long time. Does it blink when the two pieces are close together? It shouldn’t. The only real way to “turn them off” it to pull the battery.

Hi, yes, when I put them together, it does Brink every few seconds, did this happened to you too ?? when you put them away not in use. ?? thanks., one more question: when I used wyze camera and different brand security camera with infrared night vision, all in the same living room, they are all facing the same direction, will the camera interfere with each other, especially at night vision, thanks.

They should only blink when the pieces are put together and the sensor is “closed”, but that should stop the blinking.

When the IRS are in and if the cameras are facing each other and are in frame it’ll look like a bright light facing right at the camera and it’ll underexpose everything else. Although it is above my understanding how the IR lights from different manufactures products work with each other.

thanks, wyze sensor (2) parts are together = seniors closed, the red light still blinking (2) times, every (6) seconds !! what is that mean ??

Did yours sensors (put away ones) doing the same blinking like mine, if in this case, is it dangerous ( not safe) ?? what is the best solution, thanks.

Nope, the blinking stopped ones they were together. The only thing I can think of now is pulling the battery on it. Now it’s starting to sound like a defective hardware from what I understand over the forums here. Weither is on a door or in a drawer it should not blink like that when closed. I’d make a support ticket and explain the situation, they may have a fix that I don’t know, or if determined, replacement may be a possibility. I believe you can also refer them to this thread so they can know what’s been tried so far. Sorry about your issue!

Once again, thanks for your help, yeah, mines kept blinking even in the drawer, okay, I will make a ticket to go from there, greatly appreciated for all the help, chat again later, Guess questions will keep popping up, take care at these pandemic times .