Door locking... better than autolock!

Feel free to skip my longwinded reasoning and go to the bottom of this message if you just want to see my solution : )

So in using the lock, the auto lock is a nice feature for some… but for me it was just inconvenient in more cases than not. 9 out of ten times, when i go out my door, I dont want it to lock because:

  • I’m getting the mail
  • grabbing a tool from the garage
  • doing some yardwork or outside projects
  • having a bonfire
  • enjoying some reading on the porch
  • and on and on…

And even if I am leaving, and anyone else in my household is outside… still don’t want it to lock, possibly locking them out. So yeah, 90% of the time I don’t want it to lock, and some arbitrary amount of time from immediately to an hour or later doesn’t cut it… because it depends what I’m exiting for. And i know there trash mode (manually lock unlock)… but I’m not doing that bs 9 out of 10 times times. But for the 10% I do want it to lock, I have this cool wyze lock, so I don’t want to have to either get out my keys or my phone and punch buttons (maybe my hands are full).

Use one of the tiny sensors included with my starter kit, and mount it in a custom 3d printed lever I designed… and mount it in a convenient and relatively inconspicuous location just outside my door (underneath a deck railing in my case)! For the 1 in 10 times I am leaving and want to lock my door, an easy push of the lever separates the sensor enough to trigger it open… then springs back to close it. A simple rule I’ve set up in the wyze app locks the door when sensor1 changes to open. My perfect solution!

Hope this idea provides some help to others wanting a more convenient lock.


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