Door knock feature

Hello so I have the Wyze door lock. I freaking love it. It’s so smart. I was thinking about a Door knocking feature. If someone knocks on your door it would notify you. Something good for people who are deaf hard of hearing the elderly the dog can bark LOL so it would notify you like when you lock the door or unlock the door. And it could maybe also flash the lights as well

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I’m not sure if the lock has the type of sensor needed for this. This is definitely a cool idea, maybe a sensor could be made for this use?

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Well I was thinking does it have a gyroscope in it and that could be disturbed by the knock on the door

A “glass break” sensor mounted on the inside of the door would trigger from a knock.

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Something nice that ring offers is “door knock detection” and I think that would be great for cam plus and the doorbell cam