Door Bell

Is there any thought into developing a doorbell? There are plenty of 2 and 3 hundred dollar option out there, with subscriptions to review video. An SD card doorbell would be a winner!


Hello and welcome to the Wyze community. Their is currently a proposed solution in the #roadmap area for this feature. Cast your vote at the top left to request that this feature be added in a future update.


Suggest it be dual power. Battery (Rechargeable) and be able to use door bell power if available.


Hello @lbeberdick, make sure to add this comment under the main thread so that it can be see by th developers.

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I think a simple doorbell that could act as a trigger to create events or prompt you to view a live feed from a selections of wyze cams could be a inexpensive, simple solution. I already have many cameras setup around my door so a dedicated video doorbell is not necessary. If this makes the doorbell more in line with the existing price points I think it could be a valuable addition to the wyze sensors.

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