Don't enable timer for cameras activated by a sensor

If a camera is activated by a sensor (no motion in the camera’s view), it will take 5 minutes before this camera starts to act on motion in front of it. If a break-in occurs in multiple rooms (as in multiple persons involved), there is strong possibility that important activity will not be recorded.

The 5-minute timeout for motion detection event clips does not apply to motion sensor videos. A new motion sensor video will be recorded just as soon as the sensor becomes clear and is re-triggered.


And keep in mind this is a smart camera, not a security camera. Do not depend on it for your security.

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Yes, the cool down for a motion sensor is 1 minute.

So many forget that tiny little tidbit

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Thanks for the explanation but that wasn’t entirely my point.
After the camera has been activated by the motion sensor, I would like it to be ready to record right away if the camera - not the sensor - subsequently detects motion.
And fortunately this is just a hypothetical scenario…

As far as I know, the motion triggered events are completely independent from the sensor triggered events. Therefore, you should be able, for example, to get a motion event at 12:01:30 even if there was a sensor event at 12:01:00. If the motion event overlaps with the 12 second sensor event though, I don’t think you would get two.

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