Don't buy wyse!

What, PP? I thought you left for good! Nice to see you around. :slight_smile:

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Ain’t that the truth. Should be called the baby-rant thread.


Say what you may @ken.s but the guy makes valid points which still haven’t been addressed by Wyze. The business model they are portraying now is nothing short of “bait and switch” Which is considered a very shady business practice. I don’t know where the company’s direction is headed but if one were to lend credence to even a small percentage of the forum posts, it does not bode well for the customers.

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We, customers like you, should not be put into a position where we have to search out and try different combinations of software and or firmware to make our devices perform the way they were advertised to.

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Amen bro… Turn off the gas, the pans hot

There seems to be no rhyme orThere seems to be no rhyme or reason why some people have cameras and sensors that never fail and other have cameras and sensors that fail soon after they’ve been installed and there are even others who have sensors and cameras that I’ve never worked out of the box I cannot understand the inconsistency

6 Wyze cams: work fine.
4 Wyze plugs: Work fine.
1 Wyze thermostat: works fine and far cheaper than competitors.
I don’t work for Wyze, I don’t get anything for free from Wyze, and I’m not connected to Wyze, other than being a customer.

Some people complain just to hear themselves talk.

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He’s always been kind of a sneaky bugger

“Baby rant thread”??? obviously you don’t have as much money invested in the company as some of us do

Well I have to assume that accountability doesn’t mean much to you

The company thrives on control they will never ever give it to the customer

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He isn’t completely wrong. Wyze has gone from s $20 camera with appealing features like Person Detection included to charging for all new features including PD.

You’ve also been around long enough to know that personal attacks are not allowed in the forum.
You should probably edit your post.

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My cams work as advertised

It seems as though the Community Guidelines may not have been followed recently on this topic.

In this situation, the moderators’ instructions are to temporarily limit posting to the thread. Users will only be able to post one reply in a 60-minute period for the next 48 hours. Continued infractions will result in the closing of comments and calling in a Wyze employee to review the thread.


Wyze gave free legacy PD for those affected on the supported devices, not for all future cams. Wyze isn’t allowed to develop new features and charge for them? Wyze has every right to adjust prices as necessary, that’s no bait and switch.

It’s kind of funny, I just feel like I’m leasing the cameras and the sensors and the company can do or change the policy anytime they want the only difference is I can’t cancel the lease and get my money back

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Wyze offered PD to some, not all, customers who thought they bought cameras with free PD. Only the customers who had an account registered before Nov. 26, 2019. It was suggested that those customers also pay for the promised free service.

The people that bought Wyze cameras between Nov. 2019 and Jun. 2020 were baited with free PD then it was switched to a pay option.

This is very well known and really not a debate. You were here at the time.

It’s not a big deal it’s just how it is. Wyze was very optimistic at the beginning but most of us knew they couldn’t maintain a growing business on $20 cameras.

If someone was not a customer after Nov 2019 there was no promise of free PD. The cams didn’t even support PD after Jan 2020.

Here’s a refresher… person detection cancelation was announced Nov 2019, and was removed from firmware in Jan 2020. There was no promise of free PD at this point.

Once Wyze launched their in house PD, it was indeed free for any customer as of Nov 2019. Any customer after that date was never promised free PD, so they were never baited.

Our issue is that in an email last year, we promised 1.3M of our earliest users that when we finished building person detection that it would be free; even if it was cloud-based. You are receiving this email because you are one of the people that received that promise.

When Person Detection for 12-second event videos officially launches, you will be able to name your price. You can select $0 and use it for free.

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It doesn’t not matter what your experience, or anyone else for that matter has been now, or previously.
What matters is that THESE 6 Cameras are NOT working for ME right now!
Why delete my post if everything is above board?

Here support this:

They also deleted my Don’t Buy Wyze post completely for no other reason than constructive criticism.

Thank you

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There is the opportunity to make happy customers, at least most ofThere is the opportunity to make happy customers, at least most of them. I think overall that Wyze is a small company thinking big there’s always a certain amount of pain involved in growth that doesn’t make it any easier or any more palatable and we will always find something to complain about

There’s always a certain amount of pain involved in growth. That doesn’t make it any easier or any more palatable and we will always find something to complain about, myself included. It doesn’t mean that I hate the company it just means that they could do better.

When you wish to criticize my posts, I only ask that you remember my experiences do not mimic yours. When you wish to criticize my posts, I only ask that you remember, my experiences do not mimic yours and my opinions and my statements are derived from my experiences and the stated experiences of others.