Done with robot vac & WYZE!

Alas: Wyze Robot Vac owners

My saga dates back to maybe mid- to early May 2023. My vac was purchased via Amazon Nov/Dec 2021 for $254. So my misery began by my vac not showing up as “on-line”in the app on my phone; worked fine just a few days earlier. I recall I had performed an update of the app in the recent past. Firmware said up to date (vs 16.202).
So, on 5/22, went on-line using the Wyze chat option and was connected to Kizzle, a Wyze “wizard”. Went thru all the usual questions, then she verified purchase date: the conversation then changed to sorry, out of warranty; she offered a lousy $35 gift card! (And later they upped the ante and added a $15 gift card!!)

For nearly 3 months now, I’ve conversed with 11 (ELEVEN) different folks @ Wyze; some were “wizards”, some were orders dept. and NONE of them were any help. Never, NOT ONCE, did any one of them answer my questions! The lousy vac still works but have NO controls and can’t tell where it’s cleaned.

Last email I sent to ALL of them was responded with a email saying my ticket had been closed….nice!!

I’m sharing this story for those in the Wyze forum to beware. I think Wyze has caused this problem and will not fess up to it. AND, no one has offered to contact me when they have released a new update to fix this mess.

So, done with Wyze; really think they’re in financial trouble and/or have stopped making vacuums. Below are the names of those I conversed with:

Kizzle, Rhexie, Maureen, Maydel, Archiel, Jernet, Gift, Raquelyn, Eunice, Chris, and Krypton.

Good luck all!!