Dog vs motion

It would be nice to turn off notifications and recording for motion but literally 99% of the time my dog is labeled as motion. Anyway to fix this?

All cams have the ability to turn off notifications for motion activated events (no AI Tag) in favor of only notifications for AI events.

The Cam V2 and CamPan V1 additionally have the ability to turn on\off notifications for the specific AI categories you are recording AND to turn off Motion Event Recording in favor of Only AI Event Recording. These were added in the last Firmware Update (slow rollout).

The V3 and CamPan V2 will gain both of these features soon in the next Firmware release.

As for your dog, only if you have CamPlus and have set the cam to record Pet Events will it tag the dog as a pet on a more frequent basis. If you already have this set, I’m not sure there are any settings that will increase the accuracy of correct AI tags. Perhaps adjusting the sensitivity might make a difference???

When it does miss the tag, be sure to share the video w\ Wyze so they can use it to train the AI model. It gets updated in a frequent schedule.

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Same! Cam 3 living room looking out to my yard doesn’t detect my dog, nor my packages delivered, that was the main reason for getting this camera WITH Cam Plus going almost a year now! nothing seems to work with all the newest firmware updates, settings, sending pictures, and videos, I’ve tried everything! will NOT be renewing my membership! too many headaches. did I mention also had many problems with my outside Cam 2 !!! not a happy camper! good luck.