Does Wyze doorbell work to accurately record human event?

Hey guys, since my 2 wyze cams have been working fine on my garage so far, I am thinking of replacing my Eufy wireless video doorbell with the wyze doorbell but first would like to ask a couple questions of anyone who has one please.

Reason for wanting to replace the eufy it is not accurately recording all humans walking on the sidewalk and this is mainly why I need it to see who is walking their dog and not picking up after it on our curbside lawn. Also who when parking their car in front of the curb is putting their garbage in our garbage cans.

This is a pic of the front of our house. As you can see, our ground floor and front door is like 8-10’

above the yard level. I took the pic from my phone at the same level of the doorbell placement. Eufy is saying the height of the doorbell placement might be what’s causing the unreliable recordings of the events but my thinking is is if it is recording some events then it should be recording all events so would not be related to placement?

So my question is guys, does your wyze doorbell work in recording all events day and night accurately please? If yes, can you link me to the exact doorbell you have? I would prefer a wireless option so I can have a different chime from the wired house doorbell which would tell now when the back door ringer sounds, thanks.

I have the Wyze VDBv1, the wired one that requires a powered transformer. The Wyze VDBv2 “Pro” is the one that works on battery {Edit: or wired}

Each has its own personality as it pertains to Motion Detection, Event Recording, AI Person\Vehicle\Package\Pet detection. Neither supports onboard SD card recording so all video is in the cloud.

If you get one of these doorbells, you have to think about a subscription plan:

Base\no sub. - Free, thumbnail snapshot only, 5 minute timeout between snapshots, motion notifications only.

CamPlus Lite - you name the price, snapshot or 12s video, 5 min timeout, free Person Detection and notifications or all motion notifications.

CamPlus - $15 yr, full length video, no timeout, Person, Vehicle, Package, Pet detection, full notification and rules capability.

CamPlus Pro:

I have CamPlus. Mine is mounted like yours at the top of a 3 step riser. I need to make a shim to shim it down as it does miss events.

The current motion detection and AI state of the Wyze software is leas than effective right now. Firmware and AI updates have diminished the cams capabilities. Currently awaiting improvement for that. Because of this, you might want to wait for improvements.


Thank you very much for the info. Your answer if I am understanding it correctly is suggesting to me that I might run into the same issue and especially since my placement is might higher than yours, am I correct please?

I would concur on the placement issue as I am having the same experience although your field of view is much better than mine (downward). I cannot see the steps in mine.

I do not have a VDB Pro, so I can’t comment specifically on that model. I would suggest you search this forum for Video Doorbell Pro and read the posts concerning the current state of this product. Also of interest would be posts on AI tagging, Person Detection Events, Motion Detection, and Detection Zones.

Good luck!

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Thank you, I have also reached out to wyze support first to see what they will say before I should purchase it, will report back.

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Good luck with that. Not very objective I would think.

Here are their Knowledge Articles on it:

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@fonzhende1, I just went back for an edit to my post with some updated info received from @Newshound Wyze Video Doorbell has micro USB - #3 by Newshound

And I looked closer at the photo you posted…

Are you shooting your doorbell cam through a screen door?

Yes. So you would get a full view of the stairs and how high it is from the ground.

I will give the wireless video doorbell Pro a try with Cam plus, should get it in another week or so from now and will report back on this topic.

I would surmise that the screen door is really cutting down on the ability of the cam to recognize AI objects. It is diminishing the image quality. Should be on the other side of the door to get good image quality

Oh no, sorry for the confusion. I had taken the pic from the inside of the storm door with my phone. that is the screen of the storm door. The doorbell is located on the side of the storm door in normal position.

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Oh, ok. Thought that was the pic from the doorbell cam. So my comment about your better field of view would be moot because I haven’t seen a shot from the Eufy doorbell cam.

Hey guys, I just got the Wireless Video Doorbell Pro. I plugged it into the AC outlet to charge and seeing the circular doorbell light switching between blue and light colors, how will I know when it’s fully charged please?

Also, I already have the wyze app installed which I use for my outdoor wyze cams so is there another separate App for the doorbell or will I need to use my existing App please? Thx.

If I recall correctly, it will turn solid blue when charged, this takes approximately 4 hours if fully depleted. Also, you will use the same app that you use for your outdoor Wyze cams