Does Wyze Cam Pan turn around and get stuck facing the wall?

I have some iCamera Keep Pro’s from iSmartAlarm and I’m considering switching to Wyze because I absolutely hate it. Here’s why:

1. It often gets stuck facing the wall.
2. You cannot turn off motion tracking and just set it in one place.
3. Unreliable recording.
4. abysmal video playback
5. Several export options, but you can’t watch videos on anything.

Is Wyze any different? I’m already turned off by the fact that Wyze has no sales number to answer basic pre-sales questions, but they can’t [be as bad] as iSmartAlarm… NO ONE CAN.

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Here are the support pages that may answer a lot of your questions:


  1. They do occasionally get stuck facing the wall and Wyze is working on improving this, but
  2. You can turn off motion tracking
  3. Recording is generally reliable. However, cloud recording is limited to 12 second clips every five minutes and is based on pixel change detection. You can record unlimited to an installed SD card. You can subscribe to Cam Plus to remove the 12 second limit and add Person Detection.
  4. Subjective, but not a lot of complaints about playback quality.
  5. You can save videos to your phone’s camera roll.

Wyze is less of a security company and more of a technology company so they don’t have the same type of sales team you might see with a security/alarm system company.
Wyze does have a support number: tel:+1-844-999-3226