Does the new Cam Pan V3 use PIR?

As the title asks - Does the new Cam Pan V3 use PIR?

Currently I use a regular Cam V2 mounted outside but the false triggers are irritating. I could get the Outdoor V2 but I like the idea of the Pan feature and it is cheaper than the Outdoor V2

Since it is just a V3 on a motorized base I would say No. The V3 has never used PIR.


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The Pan V3 does not have a PIR sensor. Only the battery-powered cameras do (mainly because their cameras have to be normally off to save battery power).

There are a few things you can do if you can’t filter out the false notifications using the normal motion sensitivity and detection zone settings, though:

  • You can add a Sense motion sensor. They are PIR sensors. They are also indoor-only, so if you use them outdoor it MUST be in a sheltered position like under an overhang.
  • You can use Cam Plus to filter out all motion except the AI recognition you choose, like Pets, Person, or Vehicle.

Can you use the sensors without the Sense Hub?

If they are V1 sensors, you can use them with the V1 Bridge. But yes, if you don’t already have sensor infrastructure, you will need it.



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Thank you.

I have cam plus and tried to use the smart detection but it either still triggers on any motion bugs, lights snow etc or it will not trigger on anything. Tried adjusting senstivity and detection zones as well but to no avail. Best I was able to do was set a rule to turn off notifications during certain hours.

I’ll either have to look into the Sense Motion or just live with it for now. Thanks again

When you look at the Sense Hub and sensors, know that they will try to force you to buy a Home Monitoring license with the Hub. Just buy the 1 month version and cancel that later. :neutral_face: