Does Person Detection work on ALL uploaded videos?

I have a (non Wyze) PIR motion sensor.

I have an IFTTT applet that records and sends a 12 second video when the sensor detects something.

Does the new cloud-based person detection get applied to these uploaded videos?

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That’s akin to the question I asked (but a Wyze PIR) and this is the answer I got: Cloud Person Detection update (02/21) - #30 by WyzeShawn

Not exactly the clearest of answers.

If it’s cloud based, then it shouldn’t matter what does the triggering. But I haven’t seen any person detection related to my PIR sensors since I turned it on the other day.

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Better than me I haven’t seen any person detections at all

Mine is hit-or-miss. It only seems to work on one cam. All the others - that are not on motion sensors - are set up identically, and do not trigger any person detection, even though a person can clearly be seen. No idea why one works, and 4 others do not.

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I wish we could get some kind of answer as to exactly what’s going on. I’ve almost decided to go back to just motion detection for a while so I can at least know when somethings happening

Unfortunately, often as companies grow, their customer support doesn’t always keep up (nor their bug swatting teams). I’ve practically given up on getting answers from Wyze at this point. We used to get a post about every firmware change, every app update, etc… A year ago, @WyzeGwendolyn was around constantly, now… she’ll chime in once and a while, but otherwise, it’s rare that anyone from Wyze replies. And when they do… well, it isn’t a clear answer.

Sure, I get this is a user to user community - as the moderators constantly remind people - and not a Wyze support site, but this stuff is in beta and they need to be more active (IMHO) until issues are solved.

But, here, we’ve hijacked this dude’s thread…

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Person detection on, standing in front of camera, I’m not detected!

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You’re not the only one. I’ve posted several times and even posted pictures of my set up and they said everything in my app was set up correctly and I’m still not getting Person detection. I’m getting sound notifications but absolutely nothing from person detection it’s getting to the point where I’m thinking of turning person detection off and turning motion detection back on so that I know when things are happening

Right now the Person Detection won’t work with sensor-triggered videos, but it also won’t work if you’re using a non-Wyze device to generate the clip (if I’m understanding the OP correctly). If this doesn’t address your question, please let me know!

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@NumberOne I’m getting 0% person detection notifications at all on all of my cameras. I’m getting sound detection notifications but I’m not getting any person detection notifications. I’m not using a IFTTT or any third-party integration. And I DO NOT have CMC either. I turn the sound off to see if that would help. This is exactly how I have my phone set up.

@NumberOne - thanks… that certainly answered part of the question, but left it unfinished. Does “Right now…” imply that in the future person detection will work with sensor triggered videos?

It’s a goal we’re looking into – we’d very much like that to be the case. I can’t give you a definitive answer because it’s still in the process of research.


I was having trouble trying to balance everything. So you’ll see me bopping around in most areas of the forum but less often in the beta area because there are other folks (like @NumberOne) who have taken over. I appear if tagged, though. :slight_smile:

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@NumberOne. Any suggestions for my issues??