Does outdoor cam discharge prior to charging?

OK, this AM I set up my new outdoor base and cam. No issues there. Battery was at 11%, when I attempted a firmware update I got a message to charge the battery fully first.

I plugged the camera into the base station and over time checked it periodically, it was actually dropping, and I had turned the camera off.

I then used a cam 3.0 adapter and plugged into the wall to charge. It is still dropping and is down to 2%.

Is this a normal function when you charge the battery on the outdoor cam?

Any suggestions if not?

My normal charging routine for the outdoor camera is to turn it off, then charge it. Takes about 5 hours.
If I leave it on, the charge time is doubled. However it does reach 100% charge even if left on.

I am careful to be sure the IR lighting is turned off prior to charging. You may want to check to insure you are charging with the IR light off.