Does monitoring depend on notifications?

I have a Wyze Cam v2 monitoring the driveway. There was a period of about 1 hour where nothing was recorded, despite monitoring being enabled. I definitely know there should have been movement given that the last video was of a vehicle parked in the driveway, and then the next video (about 1 hour later) was the same vehicle returning - between these recordings, there was no recording of vehicle leaving the driveway. During this same period, I also did not receive notifications, which I discovered was due to Wifi being down.

Does monitoring depend on notifications being sent? When the Wifi came back up, I started receiving notifications again for current movements, but not for that 1 hour period.

Notifications results from Motion Alerts being sent to the cloud. If the wifi is down, then no cloud motion detection will occur. The camera will, however, continue to record to the locally installed mSD card if you have one.