Does anyones camera make its own sounds while recording

While watching recordings does anyones cameras produce its own sound through the recordings

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There have been multiple reports of digital static and\or electronic noise within the audio stream apparently caused by the cam.

Here are some Forum Searches that will give you topics and posts of others experiencing these issues and steps they have taken to isolate it. Feel free to reply to any of these:

Static in Audio
Crackling Sound

Some have found that the power supply was causing the issues. Others have not yet isolated the cause.



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I have a sickly cam doing this. It’s more like


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Yep. Now you are closer!

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Same here. One of my cams sounds like static, another has a “drip, drip, drip” like a leak!

I find the sound substandard anyway, so I don’t use it…

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Microphones are sensitive to vibrations of the camera mounting. I have my cameras tightly secured so they do not shift when animals touch them. Vibration from mounting will make noises. For example. cameras mounted to trees with an extension rod: scratching noises are generated when the birds land on the rod or on top of the camera. Sometimes a woodpecker pecking or scratching the tree out of sight causes vibration type clicking or hissing noises. A camera on the outside of my house will pick up “thumping” sounds when I walk past the window on the inside, but the picture does not vibrate.

Extreme case of vibration because wood rod is flexible.

Here is a sample with a secure steel rod. The scratchy sounds in this video are caused by bird’s nails and beak on the rod. Just to illustrate that vibration can be transmitted through the mounting hardware



Hey thanks for your guys input, i thoight i was starting to lose it. Glad im not the only one this has happened too. Thanks again

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One of my newest ones (V3) does that. I’ve never been able to pinpoint exactly why it does this, but I never was bothered by it very much. I happen to have two other v3 cams in the area that can pick up audio decently, and another v2 black camera with its famously hypersensitive microphone which can hear a pin drop from across my house.