Do you know that IFTTT will call you toll free (US only) if your devices are activated

You can receive up to 100 calls a month from IFTTT when your device is activated.
For This search for Wyze and select an action and for That search for Phone Call
It will ask for a contact phone number and send you a verification code to enter.
The call should come within seconds of the device being activated. You will be told what device was activated or deactivated by name and the time.

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Yes it certainly can, and most of the time it is fairly timely. However be warned it can also be very late. I have had phone calls arrive hours after the event happened or not at all. So don’t use it for anything you really need to know about.


I think that covers ifttt over all.

Indeed, I only use it for non critical tasks myself.

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I don’t question what you’re saying but my personal experience with over 100 calls is that I get called before I even get a notification from my app.

Yeah. I was using the equivalent text service for something on IFTTT, which stopped working entirely for about 2 days, then I got like 30 texts in a row at one point, which was fairly annoying. :joy: My phone wouldn’t stop going off.


As the old saying goes, “your milage may vary.” I have been using IFTTT since early 2012 and have seen a fair amount of its good and bad side.

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