Do you have to remove the existing lens of v3 cam to add telephoto lens

I want to have v3 zoom. All uses have removed the orignal lens and put in telephoto lens. Can I just add a telephoto lens on top so I don’t open the camera?

I haven’t tried that, but I do know holding one camera system up to another can cause Vignetting, or the darkening of the image brightness toward the outside of the frame. So I think removal & replacement of the lens is preferred.


Can you manage to make it work? Yes
Will it work well? No.

As an example, hold a binocular up to the camera on your phone and see how it looks.


Saw this project and thought it would be cool to gut a V3 and move the PC boards to something like this then use an industry standard mount for zoom lens or other lenses.

Would also involve removing the IR illumination LED’s (or LED PCB) since the IR LEDS would not work where they are in camera with this lens setup

If Wyze did this I know that I would purchase!


Maybe adapt something like this ?

What is that thing called? Like a monocluar? How would i search for it?

I went to Bezomazon and searched for ‘iPhone telephoto lens’

Lots of different types.

Not sure of the quality of the image because the optics are probably cheaply made.

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Can what I am doing be done with a magnifying glass, reading glasses or they have these glasses people wear to see smaller screws. Does it have to be telephoto lens

I have zero experience with this. The spacing between the camera lens and whatever you are attaching is critical and needs to be sealed from any light coming from the sides.

I’m afraid after all the time spent on this, the resulting image will be disappointing.

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Here is a YouTube video to watch to understand the process of swapping lenses on a V3: