Do the magnetic mounts work vertically?

I think the answer is “yes” but just double checking. I just installed a Cam v3 out on my porch (covered) and stuck the magnetic mount to a window, and attached the camera to it so it’s vertical. I assume the sticky mount, and the magnet are strong enough for a vertical installation? Thanks.

The magnetic mount should work fine being under a covered porch. The adhesive on the mounting disk will also stick well so that should not be an issue ether.
I would suggest using the screw mount if the camera is in a windy location.

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Yep! Mine are installed inside, but I have a handful that are mounted on a vertical surface. Only issue I had was when I taped the Wyze coin to the wall or jam for a temp setup and the tape didn’t hold, but when I use 3m foamy tape or something similar they have been solid. Unless a cat tugs at the cord and pulls it down. Buy both the tape and cat issues are out of Wyze control. :slight_smile:


I have three that are mounted to the inside of the windshield of my Dodge 4x4 pickup. That means that the magnetic mount is at about a 45 degree angle with the camera hanging from the windshield. Keep in mind that this is a 4x4 truck, and I DO take it off road bouncing on rough dirt roads. I have never had either camera (two V2 and a V3) come off.

Thanks all … appreciate the input.