Do the cams use network bandwidth if writing to SD card? + 2 repated questions

I am suspecting I have an excessive amount of network traffic from my Wyze cams. I have a separate vlan for my Wyze cams.

Disclaimer: I haven’t done an in depth analysis of my network yet.

If SD option is available, each cam below has one and they are all set to “Events Only”
I have:

2 Cam Pan
Cam Pan v2
Cam Outdoor
Cam v3
Cam v2

I have 3 questions regarding my various Wyze cams.

Question1. How to completely disable event recording, but still be able to view them in real time from the app.

I have disabled them for event recording. (Basically only set to record from 4:01 AM to 4:02 AM). I don’t know of any other way to disable event recording.

Question 2. For the cams that have SD card option, does writing to the SD card utilize any LAN bandwidth? Obviously when viewing the events or the SD card via the app I understand it does.

Question 3. I noticed that even with “event recording” set as above in #1 (4:01 to 4:02 AM), It STILL records event activity to the SD card all the time. Not continuous, but any time something triggers the cam. Reiterating above, the SD card is set to record “Events Only”, AND recording is set to 4:01 to 4:02 AM.

My goal is to be able to have the cameras on line so I can view them real-time with the app, but not have them record to the SD card or cloud EXCEPT for when I set them “all day” or a specific schedule for when I go away.

I hope this makes sense. Thanks.

You need to turn motions off,then you will get no recordings and no events,you will have nothing…makes no since

If you use the app or cam plus then network bandwidth will be used whenever. You should be able to do one or the other but if you want both then you get both.

If you don’t want the cameras to record anything there are two things you need to do. First, in the camera settings turn off motion recording. Second, in the advance settings, disable the recordings to the SD card. That makes the cameras live-view only. You can then setup a shortcut or two to turn recordings on and off. SD card recording doesn’t use any network traffic to the best of my knowledge…all local to the camera.

Here are the settings you need to change:

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Thanks WIldBill, I am pretty sure that’s the info I needed.

Thank you.