Do Not Override CTRL+F in Forums

Is there a way to disable “CTRL+F” override of the browser function? I find it annoying when I have to search the current page and it brings up the forum search.



It’s really obnoxious when web sites take over browser and keyboard controls.

Edit: Apparently not reproducible

What browser are you using? [CTRL]+F works normally for me in FireFox.
I agree that it would be annoying.

Chrome. Sometimes it actually pulls the browser search bar. The weird thing is, the official shortcut is “ctrl+alt+f”, but still triggers on “ctrl+f”.

Only happens in this forum.

ok. so this is weird. just now, ctrl+f is working fine for browser search. I swear, every single time I’ve tried it ever since I joined this forum, it brings up the Forum Search.

Not sure what is going on.

I am also using chrome but ctrl-f has always worked fine for me pulling up the regular search as opposed to the forum search

If the forum search comes up, you can use the “search this topic” button to search the topic you’re in.

Also, is this happening if you’re out of the forum, but you have the window or tab open?

That’s the behavior of the Discourse forum software and cannot be changed. It works that way because Discourse only loads a small number of posts at a time, so your browser’s search would not work in a long thread with many posts, as only a small number of posts would actually be visible to the browser. However, the Discourse search functionally only takes over when the post loading limit has been reached (looks like maybe 20?), so if the topic only has a small number of posts your browser search will work as usual. In other words, Discourse only overrides Ctrl+F when it “has to”.

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If you want to override Discourse’s search and use your browser’s search while viewing a topic with 20+ posts, simply hit CTRL+F twice. But as @Herohtar wrote above, the browser’s search results will be misleading and incomplete.

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Try searching this really long topic.

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ah, so that is what it was. if the topic is long, it brings up the forum search. I knew I wasn’t crazy.

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I agree, it’s very annoying indeed, why not map to another shortcut rather than take over a very commonly used shortcut.

In any case, this has always worked for me:
I just go to the browser menu | Edit | Find in this page
And that brings up the browser find.
A bit long but at least it works.

It’s much preferable if discourse allowed turning off the feature or remapping it to another shortcut.
Wrong forum to complain about :wink:

Forum visitor here… you might try F3 as an alternative, although the effect may be the same.

I think it’s funny when some programmer feels it necessary to redefine a keyboard convention that has been in use on all sorts of computing platforms since the early 1990s.


Alt-E-F often works too.

I see we have another Firefox user.

I can tell you’re using Firefox because the menu structure you describe exists only in Firefox among the browsers currently in common use.

The menus in Chrome, Edge, and Opera are different.

But, yes, all browsers (at least all the common ones) do include menu access to the Find function without pressing Ctrl-F

I can confirm this works; Discourse only seems to override the Ctrl+F and / shortcuts.

Maybe an old version of Firefox. In the current version, it’s just Browser Menu → Find in This Page…