Do i have to pay to connect a motion sensor to a smart plug?


I’m planning on trying this out .

I want to use a motion sensor at the entrance to turn on a smart plug that will have an ac unit in the smart plug .

That way when I walk into my room , the motion sensor detects motion turns on the smart plug that turns on my ac .

Do I have to pay for HMS for this to work ?

No. But you will need a Sense Hub for the V2 Motion Sensor to work.

V2 Motion Sensors work on RF, not WiFi. The Hub is the only device that can receive the RF and bridge that to the Wyze Servers\App via Ethernet connection or WiFi.

The Sense Hub is next to impossible to find new unless you snag one on the secondary resale market which can be scary since they are prone to being bricked by older FW.

New hubs are only sold as part of the Core Kit as you already know.

The best way to get the kit is to buy from a box store as those come with sensors included and 6 months free monitoring. Set it up and either don’t activate or just dump it after the 6 months. Buying from Wyze purchases the HMS up front.

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No subscription is needed to use rules with the sensors. It will work as you want without a subscription (ie: even after you cancel the subscription).

But I thought you determined that you needed Eufy instead for the free security self-monitoring?

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What is RF?

Yea Home Depot has the sense kit with 6 months of free HMS. Probably will get it that way

The only part of the kit that will be useless if HMS is not activated up front or if you cancel after the 6 months is the Keypad. That is HMS specific equipment. The Hub and Sensors will continue to be operational but limited.

If you buy one and set it up, try out the HMS for the free 6 months. Any setting that is accessed specifically from the Monitoring Tab will be lost once HMS is cancelled.

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I only need the wyze contact sensors bc i wanna set up a rule in my room when the contact sensors detect motion turn on the smart plug where I’ll have my window ac unit plugged into .
Eufy doesn’t offer any rules or smart plugs that I’m looking for plus I also need to set up a rule for my mail box so that I can set up a contact sensor in their and set my v3 to record the event when the mail box is opened .

I will still get the eufy alarm kit for the free self monitoring and I’ll be using that just to arm my house but im getting the wyze kit so I can use it for the contact sensors and for rules I wanna set up.

Unfortunately Wyze doesn’t sell the sense kit by itself anymore they come with the keypad . So I guess I’ll end up buying the thing and not use the keypad . I will probably try out the free HMS to see how it works but I still want free self monitoring so eufy will be my set up in the future

I just need Wyze for the contact sensors and motion sensors so I can set up some rules i wanna try out . Shame just the sense kit rarely goes on sale .

Radio Frequency.

When the power goes out and the WiFi goes down, sensors continue to operate on RF with the Hub that has battery backup. Your alarm will still go off when there is no power. You won’t get a Monitoring alarm because of no WiFi, but you will get the Hub siren.

I have my ISP Gateway, WiFi Router and Hub on a 24h UPS so that I will still get a Noonlight Monitored Alarm if power goes out.


The other thing I would look at when doing this is make sure the smart plug can take the amperage the a/c will be pulling so the plug does not fail.


Where can I find out how much amperage the smart plug can take ?

Visit the manufacturer’s website. Wyze lists this info under Tech Specs:



I was ready to buy a smart plug but turns out my midea air conditioner has geo fencing so I set that up

Oh well, i could’ve used it as an excuse to buy some smart plugs

Maybe wyze should release a window ac unit :eyes:

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