Do belive in ghosts, spirits etc?

That’s the pan scan camera and its only set to motion tracking and tagging or should I say was. I know have it set for sound too.

This is from the v2 cam that I upgraded the lens on. The videos I will post are all stock. I placed the v2 in the same area as the Pan cam because I was curios if it just happened to be an issue with the Pan ( only way to find out is to put another cam in the same area and see if it picks up the same moving light orbs).

Having trouble pulling up the other videos from the v2 for some reason. (I’ll update when I can).

The curtains at the window are black out curtains.
I was thinking that maybe it was the infrared sensors on the cam causing it. But that doesn’t explain why the ‘Orbs’ would run down towards the hallway.

The footage does look kind of spooky but…
That’s most likely dust. The camera’s IR light bounces off of the flying dust and causes that affect.
Similar story here:

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It’s well known that ghosts don’t reflect infrared but that dust and bugs do.

Also, ghosts don’t exist.

Also, you have dust and bugs.


Yup, I’ve had personal experience with ghosts/ spirits and paranormal. However in the case of those videos, those are specs of dust that follow the air currents in the house, light up and look much larger in IR light on camera. There’s tons of videos which those.

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lol they have tails tho ! Good video it’s might be the previous owner or great grandfather :scream_cat::thinking: