Discrete input to trigger a Wyze event

I have an home alarm system, not a Wyze product. I would like to trigger the Wyze cam to start monitoring once my alarm system is enabled. This could be done by using an external discrete input ,triggered by my alarm system, send a wifi signal to trigger the Cam.

This type of module could also be trigger by any external alarm component, switch, mat, temperature trigger etc.

Any comments.


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Crickets… I’m looking for same type of module.

Does your alarm work with Alexa or IFTTT? You might be able to get something working that way.

Sounds like a cross-ecosystem automation compatibility problem, not a hardware ‘module’ problem.

Since Wyze is not compatible with receiving or sending communication with non-Wyze IoT, a communication Assistant is needed. The bridge or ‘module’ interpreter between the two foreign systems.

Wyze cams are compatible with Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT. With the development of Matter, things could change depending on Wyze’s commitment to that initiative.

All three Assistant platforms follow the same Trigger\Action… If This\Then That logic flow.

Since the Wyze Cam in this scenario is being turned on, it is the Action or Then That. I just picked around in these three. IFTTT has the “Then That” capability to power on a Wyze Cam when building an Aplet. Alexa also has this action listed when building a Routine, but it states that it is “currently unsupported”. Possibly due to the recent Alexa Skill compatibility issues still being sorted out? Google Home on the other hand, does not have listed actions for my Wyze Cams. However, typing in “Turn On 'Cam Name Here’” into the custom action instruction when building the routine does work to turn a cam on.

The big question: is the other security system compatible with any of these assistants as a Trigger? If it is anything like the Wyze HMS, which has been quarantined from interaction with the outside world, disallowed from participating as a Trigger or Action, you might be out of luck.