Disallow re-use of password when changing password

As with other Wyse users, I was forced out of my account last week and required to re-login/change password. I wrongly assumed the app timed out with the save login, so I re-used my current P/W.
This morning I read of the Security Breach and now the reason why I was forced off the app.
I’m surprised I was allowed to re-use my P/W, I’ll suggest for the future that P/W’s should not be re-useable.
Also, sorry for the vague category item, it seemed I was required to use one and I was limited in the options.

Honestly, I believe that if there was a breach of passwords Wyze would make us all change our passwords but really only email addresses, names, and other user info has been rumored to be compromised. Passwords were not compromised, but if they were Wyze probably would make all of us change them.


API tokens were involved in the breach, not passwords. Forcing a logout invalidated the existing tokens.