Disabling lock remotely

Just recently my girlfriend had her purse stolen. She didn’t have her phone in her purse but in her hand. But the thief not only had her wallet with her I.D. and our address but the keys to our place! She called me immediately and I began to try and use the app to lock out the key from working. I found no setting or work around. Luckily the thief never tried to get in, but we definitely had our place rekeyed. So my question, Is there a way to to remotely “bind” up the lock, or temporarily “lock out” the lock from the key being used?

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There’s no way to stop the key from beating used remotely. The key lock is a fail safe in case the lock stops working and will always override the lock. The only way you could stop the key from being used would be to somehow remove the key from the deadbolt.

No, the key will override the lock every time. By design. To do what you want you would need a keyless Lock. Of course being keyless there is no key to lose.

I have this lock (see below). With that lock even if a phone is lost you can disable or change the PIN code affected. There is also a privacy button that disables ALL pin codes except the master code. (Must be engaged from someone inside the house).

Yale Assure Lock SL, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Deadbolt - Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, HomeKit, Airbnb and More - Satin Nickel Amazon.com

Well, technically you don’t need that fancy lock at all to achieve the same effect. Assuming you trust the Wyze lock and app then all you have to do is…

Throw out your keys

Yep you could. Until your batteries die. Mine allows for a 9V battery to provide emergency power from outside. And of course the key way of the Wyze lock is still available for picking.

But honestly most locks simply serve to keep casual thieves and such out. I prefer my style simply because I can change or revoke a pin or disable a user in seconds, but rekeying after lost or stolen keys is time consuming and can be a non trivial cost.

Sure, but that leads to the first thought I actually had, which was crazy glue in the keyhole. :slight_smile:

Of course I’m just being a wyzeass. None of these are good ideas…

So instead of a spare key in the fake rock, you keep a 9 volt battery? Those things are getting rare these days…

I have a 9V in the trunk in the Emergency kit. I change the battery twice a year when the clocks change. Same time I replace the smoke detector 9V batteries.

Not too worried though, they are in most convenience stores between the condoms and aspirin packs. :joy:

Well we’ve found your single point of failure. You lose your car keys and you’re screwed. :wink:

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That is true! No car keys and a dead battery equates to a slow sad lonely passing, starvation while mere inches from a fully stocked refrigerator. :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:


All good ideas, I get that I can not over ride the key with Wyze lock. There is a spare key but not under a rock or carpet. I have it hidden up the street in a light post. So IF it is found, it could go anywhere.