Disable updates check box removed from iOS app. How to avoid another update that bricks Pan cam motion

The iOS app had an option to disable firmware updates. Was that removed? Is it on Android?
I had to buy a new Pan cam because Wyze tech support and I could not get it to flash older firmware.

My pan cam perfectly tracked cars and people in front of my house and with the sensitivity set low-15ish it would ignore any windy trees etc.

After firmware [] (July 28, 2020) Motion detection completely broke and was useless regardless of sensitivity. It constantly tracked nonexistent motion.

I got a new pan cam on older firmware mounted and sealed, again. Its back to normal working great.

BUT now its regularly asking me to update with no option to disable the firmware check.

Id like to protect against another user accidentally clicking an update that could break motion again.

This is the only option I know about for “disabling” updates. This should prevent the prompt from appearing until the next Fw update is released. Then it returns…,