Disability assistance - companion robot

Didn’t see it, but would really like a companion robot that would be able to help with tasks for someone disabled - like carrying groceries up 3 flights of stairs to my apartment, or a hoist that could raise them (or me) from the ground to my apartment sort of like a garage door opener system.

I voted since that is obviously a sorely needed device for so many people… But not sure this is the company to do it?

For starters we’re talking about an engineered motorized robotic appliance costing at least several thousand dollars.

That’s enough, Wyze. It’s time. Give the people what they really want. Build us a droid.

All the pieces are there. LIDAR on the vacuum. Cameras with AI detection. A little car. You can do it, you know you want to do it. We want you to do it. Do it. Make R2D2 real. Build us a droid.

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