Direct access to SD card with download ability

I have about an hour of recorded video (on the SD card) that I want to share (get off Wyze onto my desktop for archival purposes). By ‘share’ I mean write to Google Drive or under an emulator ‘Send to Windows’. When I tried recording the whole hour into the album the recording failed. When I tried breaking it up into smaller pieces (18 minutes+40 minutes) the videos were successfully sent to the album but when I tried to get it off by sharing the Wyze App just seems to hang. It hangs both on my smart phone and under the emulator. A small 15 second video recording works fine.

Anyone have an experience with any of this? Are there practical limits? Is this a bug? What’s really frustrating is that there is no application feedback about what is happening. Thanks.

Edit: Moved by the mods from my post (Video Recording/Sharing Limits?, now locked) in an attempt to consolidate but I think this should stand on it’s own as it deals with what looks like software issues with the capability.