Different delays for different devices

Is it possible to have multiple delays? The door delay is fine. However, if someone climbs over the pool railing, the siren needs to sound immediately.

Please add this feature.

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Can you explain your request more? Does this involve the home monitoring system? Have you tried searching the wish list category for something same or similar to what you are requesting?


I did search though was unable to find any similar topics/wishlist posts. Always the possibility I missed something.

Our primary entry using the kitchen door (The only one used.) needs a delay to allow the the Wyze alarm system to be disarmed.

There are potential other access points that are not through a door, specifically climbing up over a wall onto the pool terrace, where we have a Cam v3 with lights. If an intruder comes over the wall there should be no alarm delay and the alarm should go off immediately. Thus the need for device specific delays.

Happy to attempt to explain more.


Are you hoping to trigger the HMS professional alarm system when someone climbs over the fence? Or just trigger the siren onboard the V3 camera when it detects motion? Two separate things.

Want to trigger both. Could the camera set off the siren and send a notification to the app?

The system is in the Caribbean and so there is no professional monitoring though Wyze.