Different Alert Sound for Wyze Notifications

I wouldn’t know about Google as I’ve never patronized them (given how evil Google is a conspiracy theorist might assume their Nest cams give a direct feed to the NSA).

This issue here has nothing whatsoever to do with Google anyway. The issue is Wyze specifically stated over 3 years ago that it was “in development.” Did they lie to us or are they so incredibly incompetent they’re incapable of delivering on a simple improvement? Either way it looks very bad.

I only used Google as an example of cameras that don’t do custom notifications per device. Google Nest Cameras don’t do this. Blink Cameras don’t do this. Arlo cameras do this (just recently) for about 5 times the price of Wyze. Your choices are clear.

Oh for goodness sake, it might be an idea to turn down the drama a bit. Some employee posted three years ago on a support forum that this feature was in development. This does not constitute a binding promise from the Wyze company to you (or to me, or to anyone) that it will be delivered. Companies undertake development efforts every day and the large majority of those development efforts do not result in delivered products.

Nobody owes you (or me, or anyone) this feature. Wyze has made its choices. Now go and make yours. I’ve made mine, and I’m sticking with Wyze.

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Thank you so much for permitting me to make my own choices. That’s precisely what I’m doing. My choice is to hold a company accountable for reneging on an old promise. If you don’t like it you have the choice to ignore what I and others here have said. What you don’t have the choice to do is to shame us into silence under the guise of “turn down the drama a bit.” We won’t be stopping here (437 comments in the thread so far indicates it must be rather important to many of us), so you have the choice now to move along.

You were not promised anything. Wyze has broken no promises to you.

Nobody is asking you not to post. Similarly, do not expect others (specifically me) not to post to point out the misguided and drama-filled nature of other posts. Yes, I have the choice to move along. I was actually inclined to do so and unsubscribe to this topic, but instead I think I’ll stay subscribed and refute any future misguided, drama-filled, self declarations of victimhood that I might see here. :slight_smile:

Have a wonderful day.

I agree, the default notification sound on iPhone is annoying specially when you have several cameras with 100’s of notification everyday.

The Wyze app does not have a distinctive sound alert, This will be very useful to differentiate regular alerts form Whatsapp, mails, messages, etc.

Is is possible to include to the app, specific sound alerts to be aware that a Wyze alert is coming in?


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@ricardo.davidovich, welcome to the user community!

Since this topic is listed as roadmap\in development, it is currently being hammered out by Wyze. What I hope to see from that is different sounds for the different types of alerts (Person\Pet\Vehicle\contact sensor\motion sensor… Etc).

I am not sure if iOS has this capability, I haven’t had one since the 5. But, if I want to differentiate any (ALL) Wyze notifications from others… Like Whatsapp, email, messages… Etc. I do this thru my Android settings. I have one tone I use for each app and only that app so when I hear it, I know exactly which app notified me.

Not a limitation of iOS. I have several iOS third-party apps with app-specific notification sounds that are unique to those apps. They don’t all allow for changing sounds from within the iOS prefs, but they at least do have app-specific sounds unique to those apps. Wyze can do it. Not a tough assignment at all.

Good information… Does iOS allow you to assign any sound you choose to an app thru the settings? For example, my bank app doesn’t have an app specific notification setting that comes with it so I assign it one of my own that I downloaded… a cash register. My email notification is George Carlin screaming at me “THERE’S A LETTER IN YOUR MAILBOX”. I have my Wyze notifications with an old timey ding dong doorbell. None of these came with the app but were assigned thru the OS notification settings.

In my case, I just want to be sure not miss a distinctive sound alert from Wyze.
Canary has within it s App, under preferences, Notification Sound options. There you can select Canary sound or device default sound. This Canary sound is very distinctive, and you can immediately know you are receiving a canary security system alert.

That’s exactly what I wanted for any Wyze notifications so I changed it from the default notification sound assigned by my phone to an annoying ding dong bell so I never miss it. I can change it to any mp3 I download. You might be able to do that thru your iOS app notification settings already. Waiting for confirmation from @kersh

iOS does have that ability. But for a third-party app developer to rely on the iPhone Settings > Sounds preferences they’d have to sign up as an Apple Certified Developer and purchase the iOS developer tools. Not a cheap to do. Most third-party iOS app developers just embed their notification sounds directly in their app itself. Again, not hard to do.

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Thx! So the long term development wishlist solution is we all want Wyze specialized notifications with specific notification sound options embedded in the app so we can tell the difference in the various types of Wyze notifications.

The immediate workaround until that happens is to change the global Wyze notification (WyzeMessage) sound thru our OS notification settings to whatever unique tune we want it to be.

Nope. Not doable in iOS (yet) because Wyze hasn’t programmed that as an option for the iPhone.

Make up your mind. Geez! I asked you that in the first place.

Soooooooo… Go buy an android.

Tapping out.

So what you are saying is you are only interested in having a different sound notification for the Wyze app in general and not each individual device. I believe what people have been asking for is individual device notifications so we can tell the difference between important notifications vs one for the entire array of all devices. Personally I could care less what the sound is for the Wyze app, I need to know which camera or sensor was just tripped. I get dozens of notifications per day that are not real important but maybe somewhat useful but I really would like to know which camera just saw something so I react accordingly instead of checking my phone every 5 minutes to see what happened. This is a make or break on whether or not I buy more Wyze products. I realize they are inexpensive cameras with a fair picture quality but I will probably be looking for a more aligned security line of cameras so that I know when one has tripped that is was in fact a camera. PS. This topic has not been solved I far as I have seen.

There are two ways for Wyze to approach this. I addressed both. Since you’re obviously an Android user I’m not surprised you don’t get it. But I won’t slam you for it as you’ve slammed me.

I’d prefer Wyze do what you and others here are requesting. I personally don’t need multiple distinct sounds for each cam. But I might in the future and Wyze should just go ahead and do that. I’m starting to question their competency for the task though considering they can’t deliver even just a distinct alert sound of any kind. Just ludicrous!

I agree. It has not been solved. What I am indicating is there is a partial workaround for Android users that will at least differentiate a Wyze notification rather than some other app using the default notification tone.

As indicated earlier…

I too want Wyze to develop differing types of notifications, either with app resident provided notification tones, or just unique notifications I can manually assign different tones. Right now, all push notifications, regardless of the trigger, come in as “WyzeMessage” on Android.

I have also employed an additional measure that tells me when a Wyze notification comes in, exactly what the notification is and what device initiated that notification. It is just a workaround, but it works.

I have installed the app Free Notification Reader. It is a bit labor intensive to get the settings right as it is very technical in the advanced settings, but when a Wyze notification comes in (or any other app you choose) the app reads aloud the text of that notification. So, when I get a PD notification on my Garage Cam, I will hear my specially assigned Wyze notification tone and 1 second later the Assistant Voice will say aloud over the speaker “Message from Wyze, Person Detected on Garage Cam at 2:33 pm. Check out the event video.” Or… “Message from Wyze, Motion detected on Garage Motion Sensor”. Any device set for notifications will be audibly announced.

It also works on my BT headset when driving and it also reads my emails and SMS texts to me.

The app is fully customizable for advanced users who want to tweak the settings with custom scripts.

Just ideas to make it easier until Wyze wades through the weeds getting to an RC solution.

Possible fix: As an example, Canary solved this within the App:

How do I set a custom sound for Canary notifications?

With the most recent Canary app update (v2.1.0 for iOS and Android), you can now choose between your phone’s default notification sound and a new Canary alert. This is a profile setting, so all of your Canary devices will play the sound that is selected.

To change the selected sound:

  1. Tap the three lines in the top right corner.
  2. Tap My account .
  3. Tap Preferences .
  4. Tap Notification sound .
  5. Tap your preferred sound
    • Device default
    • Canary
  6. Tap Save