Difference in plugs?

So i got the old plugs. The ones that came out years ago. When i went to resink them i saw there is a newer version. So i am curious what the difference is in them…

These are the indoor plugs

Hey @voorheesfamily3

By newer version are you referring to the firmware? Or the new hardware?

I have the old plugs as well. Firmware v

Hardware. I got mine in 2019.lol

Same here. Early access supporter of those. Can’t help ya on the new ones, someone’ll come along… :slight_smile:

The original Bulb and the original indoor Plug both required you to set them up by switching your device from your local network to a private WiFi network that only had the Plug or Bulb on it. Setup used that private WiFi network to send the setup information about how to connect to your normal WiFi network.

This was a confusing process for most people, and created issues when some phones couldn’t see the Internet and thus switched to cellular in the middle of your setup. That’s why cellular access had to be turned off during setup on some phones, to keep that switch from taking place.

The new Bulbs and Plugs now have Bluetooth, so the network information can easily and painlessly be sent to them during setup.

So version 2 of both are just a much more user-friendly Plug and Bulb with Bluetooth added for an easier setup. :slight_smile:


Think there may be more to it than that. Noticed that the local schedule function only appears on my new plugs…


Yes, with new hardware comes new feature possibilities. :slight_smile:

So ATM, the ability to move your schedules from the cloud to your local device is also a new feature of the Plug (and for some reason the Outdoor Plug). I don’t know yet if that can be extended to the old Plugs or not.

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Just, saying…more differences that are not identified in the specs. :grin:

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Until you reminded me, I didn’t remember that one. So glad you brought it up. I still can’t think of any others, but that may change with new capabilities added tomorrow. :wink:

Or they may be able to add that to the old Plugs as well.

Physically though, the addition of Bluetooth for an easier setup won’t change between the two models.

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Oh man, “resynch”. I had to read that 3 times before I realized. Thought it had something to do with cabinet work. :slight_smile: