Difference in cameras

The 1st picture is from our hardwire system which has $350 HD cameras. We bought 5 of them, one for each side of the house and front door. The 2nd picture is from our new Wyze outdoor camera which was placed at a lower level to get faces better. Both have the same excellent quality. Amazing!

Cam 1 roof of 2nd story

Wyze Cam

Are you getting good event recordings and notifications. I have 4 WYZE outdoor cams and tell you they work best when motion is across the PIR zone like these red and yellow lines I drew to show. I also attached a picture of one of mine, the red line shows the direction the face of the camera is pointing. The field of view and the PIR zone are very wide so just a slight turn to left or right will get motion across the zone. Hope they work good.

Thanks, I will give that a try Antonius. I am getting much fewer push notices since I adjusted setting like you showed. All in all the camera is working well. Just needs a few minor tweaks. The indoor cameras we have about about 3 years old and they are great.