Difference between WyzeCam2?

So recently, I bought another WyzeCam2 in order to test the RTSP firmware as I would like to save the stream to my NAS as it makes retrieving the footage much easier than having to take out the SD card.

I bought this v2 camera on Nov 14th just a month ago (I don’t think you can even buy V1 anymore)
The other v2 I got was May 2018.

[Just to reference, I just replaced the older one with the newer one, same place, no other change. I didn’t want to load the older v2 with the RTSP firmware just in case, as it’s my baby cam, so I just swapped to do testing.]

I find several things, on the new V2.
-it has a stronger signal wifi (I don’t ger nearly as many dropouts)
-sound is better
-image is better
-overall it’s more reliable

all of these things through the Wyze app, but also through TinyCamPro (set up as Wyze Cloud)
-if I set up the camera through TinyCamPro as RTSP, I am getting no sound (which is also the case through Surveillance Station - video ok, no sound).

Have others noticed differences between different V2s?

If you look back I believe there were some changes over the summer that gave better video.

Hardware changes?

@teredactle … check out the following post from @WyzeGwendolyn back in September 2018

Wyze Cam v2 Component Change: Transition to JX-F23 CMOS Sensor


@milehiguy thanks!

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