Device Trigger suggestions! Camera/Light/Plug

Hello! I own the Wyze Camera, Light Bulbs, and now the plugs. They are all FANTASTIC products. But here are some device triggers I’d like to have added!

Trigger when night mode turns on. - With this, you can automate turning on lights/devices when it is officially dusk outside! I have certain lights connected to the Wyze plugs that are currently turning on when it is dark and turning off later. I’d like them to turn on when the Wyze camera detects that it’s finally dark since the time of night changes day to day, and especially with daylight savings. This will be a thing of the past.

Light bulb / Plug:
Turn on for X amount of time. - When my camera detects a body, I would like my kitchen lightbulb to turn on for 5 minutes to alert whoever might be outside that someone is home. Right now you can only have it turn on or off. With no time limit.

For the first request, please vote for and/or comment on this existing #wishlist topic: Add More Device Triggers for Wyze Rules

For the second request, please vote for and/or comment on this existing #wishlist topic: Wyze Bulbs - Auto turn off timer after triggered events with the camera

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Those topics are all consolidated making voting on individual requests kind of pointless?

You should break them all out separately and have those voted on instead.


Wyze wants this topic consolidated the way it is because it is likely these features would be implemented as a batch. However, the comments on the thread will be/are being reviewed to guide any selections made for implementation within the group. When/if this moves to an active stage of research or implementation, we may at that time split out the individual requests in the #wishlist or #roadmap.

I have added the following note to this and the related topics:

You can reply to this topic with thoughts on which of these are most important to you. We understand that having these requests consolidated in a single #wishlist topic means that you can’t vote on them individually. That is why commenting about your favorites, use cases, and personal significance is important. Wyze will consider those comments in prioritizing implementation.