Developing a Wyse AI plug in to monitor Roaches and spiders inside the home

I have 4 V3 camera installed under my bathroom and kitchen sinks. I want to develop simple AI for Roaches / ants/ spiders / mice. Where do I start this process? My startup would help Wyse users come up with insect control options depending on the invasion insect and location.
Is Wyse Team interested Cam Plus feature for customers?

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Get more spiders. They’ll eat the roaches.

Based on the Wyze AMAs (Ask Me Anything) and the Wyze Week Live Feeds last year in late Oct… Wyze is working on “Anything AI” or “Smart Vision”.

The idea is that you can create your own AI tags by training what your cameras see.
The overview of this can be found at 25:05 in the below video.


thank you for this link. I will review this and follow up.

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Ok I signed up for cam plus pro and have 4 cameras in place not I want to start to smart train my camera……

@Stew sorry for any confusion…

The Anything AI/Smart Vision is not available yet.

Cam Plus Pro features are described here.
How does Cam Plus Pro work? – Wyze

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I watched all of the AI presenters and it sounded very interesting. My issue is that I want to assist Wyze Cam users to identify. And then also sell them products , services, support to control insects. Call it PestWyze it you will…. Lol. Who should I approach with this startup pitch. Have you spoken to any of the management team at Wyze or have a contact for me?

I don’t sorry. This is a user to user forum. I am just a Wyze consumer such as yourself that lends a hand to others when I can.

From time to time Wyze associates participate in some of the discussions here generally for announcements and beta testing.

You could post your idea in the Wishlist
From the Wishlist Page
“This is where you can request features and products. Please explain how you envision using that feature and we will do our best to evaluate all submissions. Before posting, do a quick search in both Roadmap and in Wishlist to see if your request is already being discussed. The “Top Votes” show the most requested and our Roadmap has the list of projects we’re working on and completed requests. Here is how the Wishlist works.