Detection zones turned off , settings have been erased , and settings aren’t being saved after app update

I have 5 v3’s , after the recent app update earlier this week it messed with all of my settings . All of the detection zones on all of my cameras have been turned off , all of my preset settings have been erased , and when i go into camera settings and try to set anything to my liking it will not be saved .

When i click on motion detection sensitivity, and click on the detection zone a lot of times the loading circle will just go in circles and never let me toggle on the detection zone. Other times when it does load and I toggle on the detection zone , it will load up but the live feed of the camera won’t show so I don’t know where to set up the detection zone.

No matter how many times I set my settings , nothing is being saved. I have logged out of the app, reinstalled it , etc and still nothing . Submitted a log , spoke to support earlier today and gave them the LOG ID number and they have marked it as urgent because wyze has known about the issue.

As you mentioned, it’s a known issue introduced by the latest App Update. Wyze is aware and working on a fix and a new app update that they’ll hopefully release soon.

In the meantime, multiple people have reported this being an effective workaround while they wait for Wyze to push an official update out:


But will it fix being able to download time lapse videos? i cant do that now, either app or firmware update killed it. I try to download the time lapse and get an error of “error downloading, make sure you are connected to the camera”, which of course i am! and 2 days previously i was able to download my first time lapse…


I am sure they will resolve that as well, though I do not have any extra information on that at this time.

It has been fixed in the newly released iOS app (2.31.07).


Yayy…I have confirmed the new app does resolve the issue with the detection settings