Detection zone pan cam v3 - front & back

I have a weird question I don’t know how to put this but I placed my cam pan v3 behind a window glass above the entrance door facing the patio. It works well but sometimes it turns/pan backwards to the inside of the house (I turned off sound trigger, motion trigger turned on) for some reason. I use the detection zone while facing front (the patio) but it still turned to the inside of the house. How the detection zone work in this case?

When the cam is shooting through glass, unless you have anti-glare glass or a film applied or you have the cam inside an anti-reflection shade, there will always be a slight mirror reflection of the cam and what is behind it in the room. The cam doesn’t know this isn’t on the outside of the glass. Any changes in lighting behind the cam, movement, or refraction thru the glass will be picked up as movement and the cam will try to track.

Since you have Track Motion enabled, the Detection Zone should be the set Home position and the cam should return there after motion that it is tracking stops.

You can also set an identical Waypoint as the DZ and enable Scan to try to get the cam to return to home.

The DZ, however, is ONLY good for when the cam is at rest in the Home position at Waypoint 1. As soon as the cam moves, the DZ will be blocking the same exact squares even though the cam is moving around and changing the FOV.