Detection Zone Not Working

Detection zones on Wyze cameras dont work, none of mine do and I have 3, if I set up a zone, no matter how small it is the camera will send me a notification on any motion, in or out of the zone.

I also have a outdoor wyze camera that wont record to a SD card, I cant see any recordings… The whole Wyze ecosystem is mess and clunky.

Too bad Google bought Nest and ruined that platform, which is also garbage. I was hoping these Wyze cameras would be as good as the original nest cam platform but its no where near as good.


My detection zones starting working again. Seems to be an on and off thing.

I have a very limited detection zone, on driveway just by garage. However, it detectors and records cars and people past end of driveway and waaaay past detection zone. This happens with ALL my detection zones. None of them exclude things outside the zone.
Soooo what exactly is the purpose of a worthless, non-working detection zone?

from your screenshots, it looks like you have continuous recording turned on… which means it records everything , motion or not.

Are you saying continuous recording ignores or negates having a detection zone?

If so then that needs to be specified when turning on continuous recording.

Eg when I turn it on, it should say:

“Turning on Continuous recording will disable detection zone settings.”

Detection zones have been notoriously ineffective… but I think the definition of continuous recording is enough for most people.

Are you guys saying Continuous Recording negates the detection zone for notification purposes also? I want it to stop notifying me that it sees a person whenever a tree branch, outside the detection zone, waves at it.

Detection zone hasn’t worked correctly for me for quite some time, so I stopped using it a while ago. Since you cannot record a square, and it actually records full screen when triggered, it is very possible that your statement is true. Let us know if otherwise.

Notifications are triggered from cloud events, not from SD card recordings.

What else is in the video? Ai recognized object tags aren’t necessarily the detected motion, it’s just what is recognized in the frame, whether in motion or stationary. Is there a person or a person like figure somewhere in the event frame? Can you post a event video where something is tagged as person and isn’t a person as you say?

My detection zones pick up everything outside the designated zones no matter what. I don’t have my cameras set to “continuous@ recording and I don’t even have that option on my cams.

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Of course we expect to see things outside the detection zone with continuous recording turned on.

However, The point is, it is DETECTING the car that is clearly waaaay past the detection zone and REACTING to the car on the street by moving the camera toward it.

I was expecting it to not ‘see’ or ‘react’ to the car that is so far away from the detection zone, and not move the camera toward it

Same Issue. This used to happen on Cam Plus Lite, but now that I have picked up two new V4’s and subbed to Cam Plus, I am getting constant person notifications - even though they are all way outside the detection zone. I do not have an SD card in. I have tried everything to get them to stop, but the V4 is simply ignoring the detection zone. Here’s an example of my zone, and a person detection alert that I just got. This guy is on the other side of the street !!! This wasn’t happening last year when I had Cam Plus on my V3’s - but it was happening with Cam Plus Lite (I found out that other motion in the video which was happening outside of the zone, was causing the AI to analyze the person second, and then send the alert…this was supposedly a cam plus lite only issue, though).

Any motion in the detection zone will trigger a cloud event (this could be as small as a shadow cast by a cloud, depending on your sensitivity settings), and any cloud event with a person anywhere in view including outside the detection area will trigger a person notification.

This seems like it should be a simple enough fix, no? I can understand a motion event within the zone triggering an upload to the cloud to be analyzed…but if then the person detected is in fact NOT within the detection zone, no notification should be sent for a person detected. In reality, a person was not detected within the detection zone. Seems like this additional step of even checking if the person is within the zone or not is just completely missing. Why would I want notifications of a person detected outside of the zone, if something else triggered motion (like a tree moving in the wind, as somebody is walking by well outside of the detection zone). This seems very silly to me…

The reason normal detection zones do not work is because Wyze wants us to buy their so-called A.I. service. Let’s be frank here, their “AI” is a Chinese person looking over our security cams pointing out people and pets. It’s not AI, it’s not even Machine Learning. It’s just a Chinese dude.