Detection Zone Grid

Can someone tell me what is the squares on the grid and how to setup?

Do I select the squares for my detection zone or do I select them to exclude the area I don’t want to record?

It is so freaking confusing and no help from support or their website. Hell, I even tried Google and even Google can’t answer what do I do to include/exclude and how to use the squares? Help!!!

The clearer portion or view is the active zone, the shaded portion is not active zone. Touch each box on/off or off/on … and you can also move finger across the screen to paint the zone. Good luck!

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Support told me that if I click on the square/Darkening it, it means active. If it is clear, it means not active.

Mark5 is correct, it’s the opposite. Clear is active, dark is inactive.

Thank you for your response. I appreciate it.

Support person I chatted with earlier - Noe “Idiot” - gave him a zero rating. I wish I can give him -0 (minus Zero) for the time he made me wait, for the stupid questions he asked me and then, after all that, he was wrong".

Fire the dude.


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They need this on the v3 asap

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